BAA Training and Small Planet has launched Cadet programme.

Under the agreement, 450 future pilots will participate in the programme during 2017-2025. Both companies are Lithuania-based. Small Planet Airlines operates a fleet of 17 Airbus A320s and 4 Airbus A321s and is looking for aspiring future pilots to join the team at the beginning of 2018. The first stage of the partnership is for cadets who already hold a private pilot licence (PPL(A)), have collected flight time and passed all the ATPL theory exams.

After a preselection process by BAA Training and Small Planet Airlines, the next steps will be an instrument rating, multi-engine piston, as well as commercial pilot licence modules (IR+MEP+CPL), and continue with Airbus A320 or A321 type rating. Cadet students on the self-funded programme will be sent a letter of engagement with Small Planet Airlines before starting ATPL integrated training.

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