learn-to-fly was founded by Jannes Peters and Brian Sommer at a BBQ party, whilst discussing the difficulties young people were facing when trying to become a commercial pilot. Brian, an airline captain himself,  pointed out the difficulties finding the right training solution and training organisation. A place for helping aspiring candidates connect with flight schools. Jannes, a designer by nature, picked up a piece of paper immediately and started writing. 

Learn-to-fly.eu is the portal for EASA Flight Schools and Training Organisations. Since 2017 we have helped people finding EASA training courses. In recent years, the reputation and demand for EASA Training solutions has grown significantly. It is therefore natural to have a portal for EASA training organisations where Flight Schools can increase their online presence and candidates can get relevant information about training solutions. On learn-to-fly.eu you can find information about Flight Schools offering EASA certified training courses, not only in Europe, but also in the USA and the Middle East.

Learn-to-fly is a small team dedicated to help you finding the best training solution. We believe it is easier to make the right decision if you have all the information available in one place. Welcome.

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Meet Our Team

Jannes Peters

Partner, WebDesign
I am maker and believer of beautiful experiences that make a difference in people’s life and products that users will love.

Brian Sommer

Partner, Training Advisor, Writer
I have been flying professionally as a captain for more than 10 years and is currently working for easyJet flying A320. I believe there is a need for helping people finding the right training course. Here to help. Just get in touch

James Dinsdale

James is a keen aviation enthusiast from the United Kingdom. He has been flying since the age of 13 and today, aged 21, flies the Airbus A319/320 series for one of Europe’s largest airlines. James is a regular writer for www.airlinegeeks.com
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